The "MonitoringKit" Service informs its customers about following processes:

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–°ontrol of counters

The state of household meters (gas, water, electricity), the ability to transmit these data to service providers

The state of the home at the current time

Advanced systems involving sensors, indicators, and other devices Controls will allow you to easily remotely program and control electric and electronic devices located at your home.

Modes of functions engineering systems

When connected with the Internet, home devices are an important constituent of the Internet of Things.

Event notification system

The client registers in the portal, receives a login and password, and has the opportunity in his / her personal account to pay for the service and select the necessary options, set up a calendar of events and alerts on events of interest to him.


The "MonitoringKit" Service can be used by users of any level of preparation.


Buy pulse counters, register in the portal MonitoringKit and to add to your personal Cabinet device. Get data on any device with Internet access and a web browser.

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In our online store there is always a wide range of devices: pulse counters, motion sensors, opening, smoke, mating modules wired and wireless and other interesting devices of the Internet of things.

Buy devices


We provide remote monitoring of residential and industrial facilities using sensors, collect statistics from meters and allow remote control of electric drives.
To activate the service, you need to buy the devices you are interested in, you can also do it in our online store, register in the MonitoringKit portal and add your devices to your personal account.
The system provides a wide range of data on resource consumption statistics, which allows you to save up to 20% of the cost of these services, as well as gives you the opportunity to control payments to suppliers in accordance with consumption.
When ordering or registering on our site, as appropriate, you may be asked to enter your name, email address or other details to help you with your experience. When you browse our site, we also automatically receive traffic data recorded by the host servers, cookies, which may share some personal data and an Internet Protocol (IP) address for your computer. We also use information provided by other external traffic analysis services, such as Google Analytics.
Additional information in the form of instructions is available in the user's personal account, video instructions are available on our youtube channel, you can also ask questions through the feedback form.


The efforts of our specialists are aimed at providing services that significantly improve the quality of our Clients' business, as well as reducing the operating costs for maintaining their engineering infrastructure.

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