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About Service

MonitoringKit is a product that combines elements of various systems into a single information field.
Demo authorisation: user@monitoringkit.com
Password: Monitor@2020

Our portal provides services for monitoring consumption of different kinds of resources and control various objects' parameters, such as temperature, humidity and pressure, for businesses and private clients. The service allows you to monitor:


Any kind of meters that have a pulse interface. We control gas, water and electricity consumption.


Humidity, temperature, smoke detectors, user notification of threshold conditions.


Possibility of controlling relays and controllers.

Advantages of using

All data are displayed in a single information window. There is a possibility of graphic and parametric viewing of data for a selected period of time. There is also a system of alarms, in case of parameter changes without the user's-defined range, such as temperature, humidity or other data.

The experience of using the system by our users shows a reduction in the cost of water and gas consumption by 7%, and heat energy by 12%. Prompt notification of changes in humidity and temperature allows you to avoid losses during storage of goods.

System reliability

The system is designed in such a way that the data is stored simultaneously on several different servers.

The system of user authorization is built with the help of an authorized session, it is considered one of the most secure.

Java Enterprise Edition platform, on which the application was built, is considered one of the most reliable server platforms.

Why choose us?

MonitoringKit service is a simple and reliable assistant in many business fields.

Easy in use

All you have to do is register in the service and add id of your devices.

Multilingual interface

System has several languages built in, which simplifies its use.

Reliable and secure

The platform on which the application is built is considered to be one of the most reliable.

Usage practice